Monday, November 1, 2010

When Dad Blog Babies Meet

Dear Chicken Nugget,

Today you are eight weeks old!  And, though your weight has leveled off at around 11-12 pounds, you still seem to be growing every day.  Recently you've been more alert, really curious about the world around you, and making wonderful cooing sounds.

Some friends from Birthing Class came over to meet you tonight.  Kevin and Reba had their baby girl Rosalie just three days before you arrived.  Kevin is actually documenting Rosalie's early days on NewAstoriaDad.  So, tonight was a sort of meeting of the blog babies.

Kevin holding Chicken Nugget and Reba holding Rosalie

Rosalie is very cute, with hints of strawberry blond hair, and bright blue eyes.  The two of you, however, didn't spend much time with each other - you were too busy showing Kevin and Reba what a fussy baby boy looks like and Rosalie was busy showing us what a peaceful baby girl is like.

We discussed, among other things, boy energy versus girl energy.  So far, every little baby girl we've met is always so calm and relaxed.

your mom was amazed at how mellow Rosalie was

Not our Nugget!  Our little baby boy has boy energy and constantly wants to be entertained and kept moving.  That is, of course, until Reba held you...  then you chilled out and eventually fell asleep in her arms.

Santiago and Reba
Which makes me wonder if you have a thing for blonds.  Just last week our friend Emily dropped by to say hello and you were as happy as can be.

Santi likes blonds
Hmmm.  I think I'm on to something.

Your secret is safe with me, buddy. 

Eternally yours,

Tu papa


  1. Aww congrats again guys!! Santi is BEAUTIFUL. If it makes you feel any better, Rosalie's cousin, Mr. Hunter, is a very fussy baby as well. He cries verrrrrrrrry often and is usually only happy when bounced, walked, etc.
    Him and Santi should hang out!! :)
    Best of luck to you, and I so hope some day when we are in Astoria visiting those three we can hang out and meet your bundle! Definitely in the spring.. a date in the park!

  2. It's a wonderful thing, seeing you three young families so happy, and sharing and caring. Santi, Hunter and Rosalie are on the right road to developing that same love, not only for you parents, but hopefully for each other if they do have the opportunity to grow together. God bless you all. Tom/Dad

  3. Thanks Kate! We should totally get our little boys together. Let's do brunch one of these weekends.

    And Tom/Dad, thank you for your kind words.

  4. wow...nice letter. sometimes, me too think that i will write this type of letters when my child will be born. i will show those to him someday to remind him how cute he was!