Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today you cried for Papi

Dear Chicken Nugget,

Today you went to the doctor and got another shot.  Apparently you toughed it out and didn't cry.  Either you're a tough little boy or you can't feel the pinch thanks to those chunky thighs of yours.  At almost seven months, you now weigh 17 lbs 14 oz and are 26 inches long.

When I got home this afternoon, your mom was holding you in her arms.  You smiled and bounced with excitement when I said hello.  I ran to the kitchen to get some boxes for a friend who was waiting in her car downstairs.  You cried as I left your sight.  When I came back to the living room with the boxes, you smiled again. 

But, again, when I left your sight and ran down the stairs to deliver the boxes, you let out a wail.  After delivering the boxes, I ran up the stairs and you stopped crying.  As I headed straight to the bathroom to wash my hands so I could hold you, you cried again.

It seems you really wanted to hang out with me and were upset whenever I left the room.  That made me feel special.  I grabbed you as fast as I could from your mom, you did your excited bounce (flapping of the arms included), and lay your head on my shoulder. 

It's great to be your dad.

Te quiero,

Tu papa

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