Friday, February 24, 2012

awa coco

Dear Chicken Nugget,

One of the beauties of toddler-hood is that you get to try out new sound combinations to make words. One of the miracles I get to experience as a father is watching you do this.

One of your first words was "agua," spanish for water. The way you say it, it sounds more like "awa." Not to be confused with "awawa," which is what you call your abuela.

Recently you discovered coconut water, one of your mom's favorites, and you'll see anything that resembles a coconut and call out "coco." The other day, in a conversation with your abuela, I heard you try to say, "agua de coco" by saying "awa coco."

At dinner a few days ago you remembered that we had picked up some coconut water at the store. After downing some broccoli, brown rice, water chestnuts, and baby corn, you thirstily looked up and said, "awa coco," and pointed towards the refrigerator. I filled up a sippy cup with "awa coco" which you chugged down rather quickly.

After refilling the cup you went back to work on dinner. Nowadays you tell us when you're done eating by giving us an all-done sign with your hands. After giving us your all-done sign you once again asked for "awa coco." Your abuela suggested that I fill up your sippy cup with regular water and just a tad of coconut water, to test out your taste buds.

With my back turned to you to block my deception, I pretended to pour in new coconut water into your sippy cup. You took it with a smile and started drinking happily. It took about two seconds for you to put down the cup and angrily call out, "awa!" You tasted it again. "Awa!"

Your abuela tried convincing you that it was "awa coco" but you would have none of it.

You shrugged your shoulders and continued drinking but would stop every now and then to point at your sippy cup and let us know that you were on to us. "Awa!" you kept repeating.

You're one smart Nugget and the ability to communicate with words and signs is making life so much easier and fun for all of us.

I love you and your words,

Tu papa

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